The Project

People living with dementia are at a much higher risk of falling than the general older adult population, and when they do fall, they are more likely to sustain a serious injury.

Informal caregivers play a crucial role in preventing falls of people living with dementia.

This study explored the experiences and emotions of informal caregivers when the person they care for falls, and their interactions with, and opinions of, the healthcare system. This will help us to understand how informal caregivers can be empowered and supported in their essential role and raise awareness of where improvements are possible.

  •  33% of the caregivers felt that their own health had deteriorated as a result of the person they care for falling.
  • 77% of the caregivers indicated that they received no advice or guidance from the healthcare system on how the fall may have happened or what they could do to prevent another fall occurring.

The Presentation

On December 7th, 2022 the project team hosted a webinar which invited anyone interested in the needs of a person living with dementia and fall risk. This included but was not limited to; informal/family caregivers, community healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, and researchers.

If you were unable to attend the event, or would like to review the information provided, please view the video of the recorded event below or download a copy of the slides. 

The Summary & Resources

The Team

Dr. Cathy Arnold, Researcher and PI

Dr. Michaela Lynds, Researcher and Co-PI