Building Research Connections:
Thinking Outside the Box

21-22 September 2019

Keynote #1

Around the Kitchen Table – Informing physical therapy practice through community engagement and partnerships

Sarah Oosman, Sylvia Abonyi, Liz Durocher, TJ Roy

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Plenary #1

Educational Initiatives in Response to TRC (panel)

Moni Fricke & Sarah Oosman

Breakout Session #1

From Here and of the Land: Exploring Métis Older Adults’ Perceptions of the Influence of the Land on their Health and Wellbeing

Boabang Owusu

Co-creating Curriculum to Cultivate Culturally Safe Practice with Entry Level Occupational Therapists

Kaarina Valavaara

Legal Recreational Cannabis: Big News or Blowing Smoke?

Cynthia Bojkovsky

Fall Arrest Strategy Training (FAST) Decreases Fall Risk and Improves Fall Landing and Descent Biomechanics in Older Women

Cathy Arnold

Leisure Time Physical Activity and Chronic Back Disorders in Canadian Adults: Results from a Longitudinal Population-Based Study

Adriana Angarita-Fonseca

Therapist Assistant Programs at Medicine Hat College: OTA/PTA & SLPA

Grace Torrance & Leeanne Sadowsky

Why Who the Client is Matters when Providing Occupational Therapy to the Education Sector

Lynn Lundell

Students in Master of Physical Therapy and Master of Occupational Therapy Programs: Do Changes in Academic Scheduling and Assessment Practices Influence Stress?

Sandra Webber

Breakout Session #2

Health Status Impact Statements Following Mentorship Tutorials Demonstrate Enhanced Rehabilitation Capacity in a School for Disadvantaged Children in Honduras

Angela Busch

Connecting Knowledge, Privilege, and Experience in an Upper Year Kinesiology Course

Alison Oates

Visiting Rehabilitation Centers on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras to Build Collaborations and Assess Rehabilitation Capacity

Angela Busch

The Effect of a Novel Fall Arrest Training Intervention on Upper Body Strength in Older Men and Women

Cathy Arnold

Bridging Social Theory into the Clinical Care of Young People with Muscular Dystrophy

Patty Thille

A Novel Device for Assessing Pelvic Floor Muscle Function in Women

Stéphanie Madill

High-Tech Solutions for Complex Communication Needs

Jillian Morgan & Jenn Markosky

Validation of an Apple Watch for Horse Movement Analysis and Stall Rehabilitation Monitoring

Samantha Steinke

Breakout Session #3

Occupational Therapists as Digital Storytelling Facilitators: Exploring Roles and Strategies

Kara Hollinda

Spinning Strength in Seniors: Does Flywheel Squat Power Predict Performance?

Scotty Butcher

A Comparative Study on the Effects of Flywheel Eccentric Overload and Traditional Resistance Training on the Physiological/ Functional Performance in Older Adults

Dami Odeleye

Muscle Activity and Function in Upper Extremity Amputees

Kassondra (Soni) Collins

Nordic Walking for Postural Improvement in Individuals with Osteoporosis, Hyperkyphosis or History of Vertebral Fracture

Tania Alazawi, Suelen Goes, Yuwen Zhang, Saija Kontulainen

A Case Study Presenting a Novel Methodology for Examining JA in Children with ASD

David Ambrose

Jigging Our Health: The Importance of Culture in the Health of Indigenous Peoples

Heather Foulds

Building Rehabilitation Capacity in Honduras: Impact of Workshops on Professional Isolation

Adriana Angarita-Fonseca

Interprofessional Education Competency Toolkit - On-Line Modules

Liz Harrison

Plenary #2

Technology-Related Teams (Panel)

Brenna Bath, Stacey Lovo, Sean Maw, Travis Eveleigh

Keynote #2

Research as Reconciliation: Ethical Engagement with Indigenous Communities

Carrie Bourassa

Plenary #3

Patient-Oriented Teams (Panel)

Stephanie Madill, Megan Clark, Jack Saddleback, Reann Legge, Audrey Zucker-Levin, Elder Margaret Larocque, Colin Farnan

Breakout Session #4

An Information and Computer Technology-Based Mobile Application for Training of Family Members Caring for Someone with Dementia

Amine Choukou

Dual-task Training Program for Older Adults with Fall History: Blending Gait, Visuomotor and Cognitive Training (Neuro-Fitness)

Tony Szturm

Evaluation of a Game-Based Tele Rehabilitation Platform for In-Home Therapy of Hand-Arm Function Post-Stroke: Feasibility Study

Tony Szturm

Development of a Winter Accessibility Toolkit

Jacquie Ripat

Effectiveness of an Individualized Pedometer-Driven Walking Intervention in the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Steven Milosavljevic & Angelica Lang

Imaging the Porcine Vertebral Endplate with Desktop Micro-Computed Tomography

Dena Burnett

Plenary #4

Collaborating Outside the Box (Panel)

Sarah Donkers, Collen Dell, Alison Oates, Romany, Hope, Uller, and Jacquie Ripat