Students: Express your interest to faculty as quickly as possible and no later than Dec. 19, 2023. Click the Project Proposals button to see availbable projects and begin working on the application process.

Dates and guidelines for the 2024 projects are now available. Students will receive an email when the updates have been posted to the website. 

The MPT Student Research Projects will be adjudicated by two qualified adjudictors using the grading guide below.

Award Process Timeline

  • October 2023: Call for Projects sent to all faculty
  • November 24, 2023: Deadline for faculty to submit project
  • December 1, 2023: All projects posted on the SRS Website for MPT students to view
  • December 19 2023: Deadline for students to express their interest to faculty
  • January 19, 2024: Deadline for students to submit applications to
  • February 26, 2024: Award recipients notified
  • April 1, 2024: Paperwork due to the SRS Research Office (, including verification of ethics certificate (or submission) if needed
  • Project start dates and scheduling are negotiated with the supervisor, but must be clearly described in the application; for full projects student must complete the equivalent of 8 ½ weeks of full-time work (total of 300 hours) in order to receive the full stipend of $6,000; half projects require 4 ¼ weeks of full-time work (total of 150 hours) in order to receive the full stipend of $3,000.
  • December 2, 2024: All projects must be completed
  • Dec 16, 2024: Final reports and final evaluations due
  • June 7, 2024: SRS Research Event


Primary Purpose

The MPT Research Projects facilitate Masters of Physical Therapy students’ exposure to research; assisting them to become evidence-based health care providers. Intended to ignite a passion for research, this program provides an understanding of the vital role research plays in today’s health care. It is open to all first and second year physical therapy students and topics cover all aspects of rehabilitation research.

Number of Applications

Only one application will be accepted from any eligible student each year and any additional applications submitted by the same student will not move forward to adjudication. Preference will be given to 1st-year MPT students and to 2nd-year students who did not receive an award in the 1st year; however students are eligible to hold more than one award during their degree over the two years they are eligible to apply.

Supervisors may submit more than one application, however each project must be distinct with a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. There is no guarantee that all projects submitted will be funded. So, while projects may be intertwined, they must be standalone projects and not dependent on each other.

Length and Amount of Grants

MPT Projects may vary in length, pending the type of project. Due to the intensive nature of the program, hours may be more intensive during certain periods or staggered over the course of 5-8 months. Any project application involving a clinical/research placement must include a letter from the Academic Lead Clinical Education Co-ordinator verifying consultation has occurred. 1st–year students must complete their projects by Dec. 2, 2024; 2nd–year students by Sept 30, 2024.

Full projects worth $6,000 cover the student’s salary and a $50 allowance for poster printing. These project stipends are based on 300 hours of work. Due to the shortened time available to second year students, and the nature of some projects appropriate for either a 1st-or 2nd-year student, half projects—worth $3,000 to cover the student’s salary and a $50 allowance for poster printing—are available. Half project stipends are based on 150 hours of work.

It is the student’s responsibility to print their poster according to the specifications outlined by our office. Any additional expenses incurred during the project are the responsibility of the supervisor.


MPT Research Projects are restricted to first and second year MPT students at the University of Saskatchewan, School of Rehabilitation Science.

MPT Project supervisors must be full-time faculty in the School of Rehabilitation Science for the duration of the award period and must provide an up to date Google Scholar Profile. Clinicians, clinical faculty, or instructors can be named as co-supervisors on projects as long as a faculty member is also a supervisor.

The SRS Director is required to sign off that each recipient is in good academic standing before any projects are awarded and can begin.

Any questions regarding your eligibility should be directed to

Be sure to approach the SRS Research Facilitator at least a week before the deadline so we have the opportunity to assist you with assessing your eligibility.

Choosing/Submitting a Project

An annual call for projects is sent out in the fall to all full-time SRS faculty. Faculty are encouraged to put together a brief outline for a potential project on the template provided. This includes background, research topic, and description of general duties. Once posted, all projects will be shared and students are encouraged to contact faculty members to discuss their interest in applying as quickly as possible (i.e. within 2-3 weeks of posting and no later than Dec. 19, 2023).

If more than one student is interested in a project, it will be up to the faculty member to decide which student is best suited for the project. Students should inform faculty if they are approaching more than one faculty about a project. Faculty may set a deadline for when they need to be notified of intent to proceed so that all interested students have an opportunity to complete a project.

The application is intended to assess the student’s proposal, not the faculty member. It should be written primarily by the student, with the faculty member assisting in an advisory capacity.

To submit an application, fill out the application form found on the SRS website and submit to by the application deadline.



At least two qualified adjudicators will review each application. School of Rehabilitation Science Faculty with previous MPT student research projects will be part of the adjudication. Each subsequent year, faculty who have received MPT student projects will be required to be part of the adjudication team the following year (5 per year). Conflicts of interest will be declared prior to adjudication assignment and any significant discrepancies in reviewer adjudication marks will be resolved by the SRS Director; being mindful of potential conflicts of interest. Adjudication results will be sent to the SRS Research Facilitator and rank order will be determined. The Director will verify student academic standing prior to the final award announcements.

Note: Adjudicators will be qualified individuals; however they cannot be experts in every field. Ensure the application is written in a manner that can be understood by a non-expert in their field.

Assessment Criteria

The adjudicators will use the grading guide below to assist them with their scoring.


Operational Approvals

Any research—funded or non-funded—involving Saskatchewan Health Authority resources must receive formal "Operational Approval" before it may begin. This includes any research utilizing the resources, data, programs and/or services of the Health Authority; its patients/clients/residents; and includes research conducted in its affiliates and community based organizations.

For further information on the SHA Operational Approval please follow the link below: 

Research Ethics Approvals

Any research conducted at University facilities, or undertaken by persons connected to the University involving human participants, human tissue or human data, animals or biohazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Research Ethics Board.

University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Office

In Saskatoon, ethics approval must be obtained from the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board (REB) in advance of beginning the research. Visit the Human Ethics website for up-to-date information on applying for ethics approval. It is advisable that students and faculty should work together on the ethics application so the students can benefit from this valuable experience.

Award Conditions

Notification of Success

Written notification of the outcome of applications will be sent to applicants by February 24, 2024.

Successful applicants will have two weeks to submit their required paperwork to the SRS Research Office.

Supervisor/Student Responsibilities

Recipients of MPT Projects have the following responsibilities.


  • Work the equivalent of 8 ½ weeks of full-time work (300 hours) or the equivalent of 4 ¼ weeks of full-time work (150 hours) if completing a half-project
  • Report to the Research Administrator immediately if this is not possible so that we can discontinue payment
  • Submit Research Report
  • Present at the Knowledge Translation Day


  • Mentor and supervise the student
  • Establish expectations regarding communication with the student; regular weekly check-ins are advised
  • Ensure that the student submits the research report and participates in Knowledge Translation Day
  • Report to the Research Facilitator immediately if the student’s attendance or engagement in the project does not meet the requirements

Written Report

All grant recipients are required to submit a final report (template provided) to the SRS Research Administrator (deadline TBD). Failure to submit a final report means you will be ineligible to receive the final portion of your scholarship award or apply for any future funding.

Research Project Presentation

Successful recipients will be required to participate in the SRS Research Event (date TBD), the following year of the project.

Failure to participate in the SRS Research Event means you will be ineligible to receive the final payment of your award or apply for any future funding.

Please note: you are responsible for submitting your poster for printing at the stipulated location by the deadline given. Poster printing will be funded by the SRS only if the poster is submitted by the deadline, otherwise costs will be incurred by the student or supervisor.

Publication Acknowledgement

All publications resulting from the research funded by the grant should acknowledge University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine MPT Research Project funding.