College of Medicine School of Rehabilitation Science

Research Area(s)

  • Aboriginal health
  • Intervention research
  • Culture-based and culturally relevant research
  • Community-based participatory action research
  • Health promotion
  • Mixed research methods (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Population health
  • Obesity prevention
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Chronic conditions
  • Intergenerational approaches to health promotion
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion

Selected Publications

  • Bacsu, J., Jefferey, B., Novik, N., Abonyi, S., Oosman, S., Johnson, S., Martz, D. (accepted for publication June 2014). Policy, community and kin: Interventions that support rural healthy aging. Activities, Adaptation and Aging.
  • Oosman, S., Abonyi, S., Jeffery, B., Bacsu, J., Martz, D., Durocher, L., Johnson, S. (2013). Healthy Aging in Place: Île-à-la-Crosse Environmental Scan. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit
  • Bacsu, J., Jeffery, B., Abonyi, S., Johnson, S., Novik, N., Martz, D., Oosman, S. 2013. Healthy Aging in Place: Perceptions of Rural Older Adults. Educational Geronotology (DOI: 10.1080/03601277.2013.802191)
  • Oosman, S., Abonyi, S. (April 2013). Full Circle – Do Intergenerational Approaches Hold Promise for Preventing and Managing Obesity Among Aboriginal Populations? Presented at the 3rd National Canadian Obesity Summit. Canadian Journal of Diabetes, Volume 37, Supplement 2, Pg S287.
  • Oosman SN, Jeffery B, Bacsu J, Novik N, Abonyi S, Johnson S. Healthy Aging Through the Eyes of Rural Saskatchewan Seniors: Factors that Support Aging in Rural Saskatchewan”. Presented at “Aging in A Changing World”, the 41st Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting of the Canadian Association on Gerontology. Vancouver, B.C. October 18-20, 2012.
  • Oosman SN, Chad KE, Smylie J. Influencing Physical Activity and Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviours of Métis children Through a Health Promoting School Intervention. 2011. Presented at the 2nd National Obesity Summit Abstracts, Canadian Journal of Diabetes, May 2011, 35(2): 163.
  • Oosman SN, Chad KE, Smylie J. Kica-wasimisinanahk Miyo-ayawinour children's health. Understanding the Impact of a Health Promoting School Intervention on Physical Activity and Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes & Beliefs of Métis Children. Presented at the National Gathering of Graduate Students in Aboriginal Health 2011, Regina, SK.
  • Oosman SN. Invited plenary lecture, National Gathering of Graduate Students in Aboriginal Health 2011. Regina, SK. “Innovative Methodology”